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Sevilla en verano

Travel to Seville in summer

Travel to Seville in summer? Yes! It’s possible. You may have heard many people talk about the heat in summer in Seville, but I already

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calle barrabás Sevilla
Seville Story

The old Barabbas Street

The old Barabas Street today called Lope de Rueda, is located in the historic center of Seville exactly in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz. According

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Los naranjos de Sevilla
Seville Story

The orange trees of Seville

If anything can be characterized Seville is for its thousands of orange trees spread throughout the city, currently has a total of 40,000 thousand orange

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jardines del guadalquivir
Unknown places

The gardens of Guadalquivir

One of the forgotten places of the city of Seville are the Guadalquivir Gardens, located across the river. This was part of the Universal Exhibition

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Torre Don Fadrique
Seville Story

The Tower of Don Fadrique

The Tower of Don Fadrique is one of the many forgotten places in the tourist’s visit to the city of Seville. This place also keeps

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