centro de cerámica triana

The Ceramic Center of Triana, is located in the neighborhood that gives it the name Triana. Exactly 16 Callao Street.

This place was the former factory of Santa Ana and one of the last places of production of ceramics in Seville. I imagine you have heard of the famous architect Aníbal González, because here you can find pieces of ceramics devised by him.

Those pieces that ideo Aníbal Gonzázlez decorated the Plaza de España in Seville.

It was carefully rehabilitated and preserved many traditional elements of the factory.

Centro Cerámica Triana

The Triana ceramic Center is divided into two floors:

  • On the ground floor you will find several historic furnaces where you can get an idea of the heat in Seville in the summer time in this place. These wells some of the sixteenth century, you can also see the containers to store the prepared pigments, etc.
  • On the upper floor are mixed several different spaces: a tourist point, ballroom, information about the neighborhood of Triana, temporary and permanent exhibitions.

You can find precious pieces of museum collection of the city council, works supplied by collectors.

It is one of the points to visit if you want to know more in depth the neighborhood of Triana, its easy route makes your visit enjoyable both with family, with friends or alone.

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