You See In Seville In A Day

See Seville in a day? Of course, it’s possible. you’ll still have a lot to see. However, here I leave you what you should not miss on your only day of travel around the city.

Wear comfortable shoes and get to know one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Reales Alcázares

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a ticket, get up early and have a good breakfast to load the power.

If you arrive early you will not find much queue with which you will have to wait little and enjoy it with less crowd.

Its duration inside is about two hours, two and a half hours. Please note that schedules vary according to the time of year.

que ver en Sevilla en un día

Catedral de Sevilla y Giralda

You’ll also have to wait a little bit in the queue, but it’ll be worth it. It is considered the third largest temple in the world. Inside it keeps wonders that you shouldn’t miss.

To climb the Giralda wearing comfortable shoes you will have to climb about 34 ramps, when you arrive directly to its bell tower take your time and enjoy its incredible views.

The duration of the visit next to the Giralda approximately two hours. Schedules vary depending on the time of year.

Plaza de España

Located in the green heart of the city, the park of María Luisa by architect Aníbal González for the Iberoamerican exhibition of 1929.

In this place have been shot very famous films like: Start Wars, Game Of Thrones, Ocho apellidos vascos, etc.

It has 48 banks representing its 46 Peninsular Spanish provinces and the two archipelagos.

And of course enjoy the flamenco street offers.

que ver en Sevilla en un día

Torre del Oro

Inside is the Naval Museum, you can see models, historical documents, engravings, nautical charts and navigational instruments.

Que ver en Sevilla en un día

Puente de Triana

Also called the Isabel II Bridge, crossing the bridge to the Triana district is to be able to contemplate incredible views. At the end you will be able to observe the chapel of Carmen on the right of the bridge next to the castle of San Jorge, its market and the famous plaza del Altozano.

que ver en Sevilla en un día

If you still have strength, get lost in the Santa Cruz neighborhood and take some of the typical sevillanas tapas.

You want personalized planning? To know something much more intensely Seville? don’t hesitate and contact us!

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